E komo mai, Come in, welcome.

Try hard. Do your best. Have fun. Share the gift.

My Show Business Life

Nothing to brag about but just to show that you don’t need to be rich, smart or beautiful to do something – you just need to take a chance. I was teaching people how to do this kind of work and someone said, “Why don’t you do it?” I decided to try and I did! It was fun, I learned a lot. I made some friends,  had a great time and some interesting experiences! This is/was my Show Business Career.

• Arte Esperanza Ballet & Dance Company presentation of "Sleeping Beauty Act 3" Dance Performance, Theater 1010 Kitasenjyu, Tokyo, Japan — 2010
• Daha Ballet  Company Presentation of “Sleeping Beauty Act 2” Dance Performance, Theater 1010 Kitasenjyu, Tokyo, Japan —2009
• Kokumin Bunkasai , Tsuchiura/Mito, Japan; Contemporary Dance Performance — 2009
• Tsukuba International Festival; Japan, Bi-lingual Emcee, annually — 1991-2003.
• Tsukuba Green Hotel; Japan, Grand Opening Narration. — 2002
• Tsuchiura-Tsukuba Convention Bureau; International, Promotion Video, Principal, — 2001
• NHK Television; Japan, News Feature Program, Extra — 2001.
• Fuji Television; Japan, News Feature Program, Extra — 2001.
• Toei International Productions; International, Film —1998
Pride, – Unmei no Toki (Japan Academy Award Nominated Film), Role of Justice Higgins in the Tokyo War Crimes Trials, released June 1998. Also appeared in posters, movie playbill and TV commercials.
In Hawaii:
• Pokka / Oceanspray; Japan, TV commercial, Extra — 1988
• Suntory Beer; Japan, TV commercial, Extra — 1988 (Kevin Kostner was the Star in this one!)
• Hilton Hotels Corp.; USA, Print, Principal — 1988
• MacDonalds Hawaii; Hawaii, TV commercial, Principal — 1987
• Hyatt Regency Waikiki; USA, Print, Principal — 1987
• Hilton Hotels International; International, Print, Principal — 1987
• Hawaii Pacific Cruise Lines; International, Film, Principal — 1987
•American Express; International, Film commercial, Extra — 1986

I was in 2 movies when I lived in California but, not really thinking about it, I didn’t even get the names of the films! I was just having fun and not taking it seriously (Life is too important to take seriously.).