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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Awesome …

For my Japanese friends, student friends and anyone else learning/studying English (or any second language).

Today i another beautiful but cold day. I’m going for a long walk to think about words you should avoid using.

Today's One Point Wiki Wiki e-Xpression is an adjective, “awesome”. 

It means inspiring an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, or fear.

Awesome has come to mean “impressive” in American slang. 
The value of the word has gone to zero. 
Avoid it because when it is no longer “cool” …
If you are still saying it…
You will be uncool.

The Grand Canyon is awesome. 
Mount Everest is awesome. 
The vastness of space is awesome. 
The energy of the sun is awesome. 
The size of Venus is awesome. 

2 for 1 pizza is not  awesome.

Mahalo Nui Loa
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