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Friday, January 8, 2016

More About Reading - A Workout for Your Mouth.

And now just a bit more about reading.

When I was in elementary school we all read - together.

When you read out loud:

• You are exercising your voice.

• You can hear how you sound.

• You can practice your pronunciation.

• You can practice your speaking rhythm.

• You can practice your speaking speed and pace.

• You are using and exercising the muscles in your mouth.

Your second language uses different muscles in your mouth.

As children we develop those muscles for our first language.

As adults it is not easy to develop those muscles for our second language.

Because we never have as much speaking time as we did for our first language.

It takes much longer to develop those muscles.

Reading out loud is like a workout - for your mouth.

Today's One Point Wiki Wiki eXpression is :

"I read you loud and clear."

It doesn't mean what is sounds like.

It means "I hear you. Now leave me alone!"