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Monday, January 11, 2016

More about listening #8C - Chose the accent you want to copy.

YouTube is great for listening.

TV is great for listening.

Radio is great for listening.

Podcasts are great for listening.

Listening is great for learning. 

Listen to all kinds of English accents.

It will help you to understand all kinds of English speakers.

Shadow, copy/repeat what you hear.

You can practice alone.

I had good friends and students in Japan who each went for a year of home stay and came back with accents …

An Australian Out Back accent,

And an Atlanta, Georgia, USA accent.

I chose cartoons and Samurai dramas.

I spoke like  someone who came from Penguin Mura because that program was what I could watch ad enjoy when I had free time for TV in Hawaiʻi. The program showed there after it had stopped showing in Japan - but I didn't care. I liked the show, I liked Penguin Mura, I liked the characters and I though if it was easy for kids to enjoy it should be easy for me too!

And then I watched Samurai Dramas but the women in those were the only people whose speech I could SHADOW, copy as they spoke. I didn't realize I was learning the speech of Japanese WOMEN. In Japan women and men speak differently.

The result - when I came to Japan people were impressed that my speech was so … femininely paced and … beautiful.