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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

More about listening #8A - The Other Voice

Besides the "I don't understand!" voice there is another bad voice waiting to distract you!

The Translator Voice …

This is the other voice that wants to keep you busy so you can't listen. 

This voice usually comes after you've told the "I don't understand" voice to get lost so you can hele on and  keep going.

It comes when you are beginning to become comfortable as a listener.

That voice is translating everything you hear from your second language to your first language.

If you listen to the translator voice you will NOT be able to follow what's going on in front of your face.

You will stop listening to the person or thing you should be listening to.

They keep going while you get lost.

You will become busy translating and have to work 2x as hard.

Tell that Translator Voice to scram.

Today's Wiki Wiki eXpression is :


To leave in a hurry. In this case it is used as a command meaning 'Go away in a hurry'.