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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Learning a New Language #3 - Grammar - Again

Your first language grammar was almost perfect before you ever went to school.

We LEARN grammar long before we STUDY grammar .

We LEARNED grammar listening to the people around us.

We STUDIED the RULES in school so we could take tests.

As adult students we can listen but …

The EASY way for adults to "study" grammar is to READ.

You will never find grammar mistakes in good books.

And you get the bonus of learning new words. (more about this later)

If you MUST STUDY grammar to take tests - do your best.

It is (almost) impossible to study a second language grammar in the second language. 

Find a second language grammar text written in your first language.  

(Japanese junior high school used to teach English grammar - in English - long before the kids studied the same grammar for Japanese - in Japanese.

That did not work. It made many kids not like English.)

Today's One Point eXpression:

"Go figure." 
A statement that something doesn't make much sense.