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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Just a bit More about listening - Get the GIST

You don't have to understand or even hear every word.

I don't - in English or in Japanese.

You don't in your first language.

We listen for the important words.

We listen for the main nouns and verbs.

If you hear those you will understand the GIST of what you hear.
             (Gist: the main or essential part of a matter)

Think of your favorite relative.

She or he is telling you to study.

She or he is telling you to clean your room.

Did you listen?
Of course.

When you listened, did you hear all the words?

Did you hear a few CLUES. 

Those CLUES told what the rest of the "love song" was about?

That's a good way to "listen" to English (or any other new language).

If we heard everything while we were listening … whew!

Today's Wiki Wiki eXpression is :

"Forget it!"

A response to something unbelievable, or crazy.

Try to understand every word, hear everything? Forget it!