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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Learning a New Language #8 - Listen.


Often there is a voice inside your head that says, "I don't understand."

In Japanese - わからない、わからない、わからない、わからない、わからない、わからない …
The voice speaks your language  - whatever that might be!

If you listen to that voice you will stop listening and stop hearing too. 

That voice can become so loud that it will tell you to "STOP DOING THIS."

I know that voice too well. It was so loud so often when I was teaching junior high that I almost thought it was riding around in the car, going to schools with me.

If you listen long enough you WILL understand. I promise.

You WANT to understand. You are fluent in your own language. You SHOULD understand.

More on this topic soon, meanwhile. Tell that voice you want to , "Hele on." In Hawaiʻi that means "Keep going."

More on listening tomorrow. 

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