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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Learning a New Language #7 - "Transfer, please."

In Hawaiʻi every time you get on The Bus you automatically ask for a Transfer, "Transfer, please." "Mahalo."

(Politely one would say, "Excuse me, Driver, may I please have a transfer?" But you wouldn't get one. The driver would have pointed to a sign that reads, "Don't Talk To Driver.")

Nobody can speak Effective English without the basic action vocabulary.

Transfer what you already know in your first language to what you want to do in English. 

This works for all language leaning. 

I used it to learn Japanese.

You could live a rich, full and fun life with these 20 verbs. Remember - the typical American native English Speaker uses ONLY about 400 words - all day long!

Top 20 most common English verbs (they all have "to" in front of them to add a chance to lose points in a test):

1. is / are                      11. see / look
2. have / has                12, come
3. do                            13. want
4. say                           14. use
5. go                            15. find
6. get                           16. give
7. make                       17. tell / ask
8. know                       18. work
9. think                       19. call
10. take                       20. try

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