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Try hard. Do your best. Have fun. Share the gift.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Fluency #3 - Everybody makes "mistakes" - don't worry!

Keep talking.

If you stop to think about what is "correct" your communication stops.

It is better to make mistakes than stop the process between the listener and the speaker.

If you are talking with (☞ WITH - NOT TO , more on this later ) a native English speaker that person probably has experience listening to various other non-native speakers and will use the in-head translation computer (ears, eyes, brain) to make you understandable.

If you are talking with another non-native English speaker they have /are /will experience the same challenges you do in learning and speaking English.

Life is a forgiving process.

Unless your communication is in a Life Or Death Situation you will be OK! In the case of Life Or Death it might be better to trust your feet and run!