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Try hard. Do your best. Have fun. Share the gift.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Fluency #2 - Practice makes perfect


The more you talk the more fluent you will become.

Your level does not matter just talk! Being accurate comes with practice and practice is talking.

Think about English as a sport.
The more you practice - the better you get.

I read a story yesterday about a baseball player in the 1950s who was a real slugger. People called him a "natural", meaning he had a special talent for hitting the baseball. He wasn't and he didn't. In the off season he hit a knotted piece of rope every day after work with a weighted bat - 600 times. Every day he swung the heavy bat 600 times and hit the knot 600 times before he went to bed.

Practice makes perfect … and builds fluency.