E komo mai, Come in, welcome.

Try hard. Do your best. Have fun. Share the gift.

Monday, February 2, 2015

The BEST English is yours.

The English you have today is the BEST English you have.

Every day is a new day and your English will be different every day. 

You can improve every day. 

Yesterday is history. 

Tomorrow is a question. 

Today and now are what we must work with! 

Your accent, regardless of where you are or where you learned English is something special because it is yours! 

There is no version of English that is better than all the others. English is your tool to communicate with all the people in the world!

Teaching in Hawaii and Japan, working in the hospitality industry with people from all parts of Asia and Europe, has taught me that there are as many varieties of English as there are speakers of English.